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 Fatprincess sm lvl55 [example]

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Fatprincess sm lvl55 [example] Empty
PostSubject: Fatprincess sm lvl55 [example]   Fatprincess sm lvl55 [example] EmptyWed Nov 24, 2010 2:27 pm

Real name: Chrissy
Age: 17
Location: The Netherlands
Hobby's: Gaming

Character name: Fatprincess
Level: 55
Class: Spiritmaster
Previous Legion(s): Nishibo

Character name: Joehoe/Mimitalk
Level: 44 / 52
Class: Ranger / Chanter

- How would u describe your activity in Aion? If i got time, im online, so thats a lot.

- How would u describe yourself as player? Serieus when its needed, but always up for a bit of fun ! Smile

- What do you like the most in Aion? Instance, player with other legion members, doing things as a legion.

- What do you dislike the most in Aion? Crit chance on crafting.

- How come that you want to join Limited Edition?

- What`s your opinion about forum use, ventrillo activity and ingame community? Perfect that keep things going smooth!

- What do you expect from Limited Edition as legion? Not much.. Girls just want to have FUN Cool
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Fatprincess sm lvl55 [example]
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